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Our OEM customers have reaped huge benefits by changing to Weidmuller Remote IO.

 10 Reasons to Make the Change to Weidmuller U-Remote IO

1. Cost

Remote IO is typically much less expensive than the IO one would purchase from the PLC vendor. Spend money on the programming software and processor from the PLC vendor of your choice and then go best of breed with the best IO on the market for much less money. Don’t believe us? Call for a quote.

2. Space

U-Remote is a very thin profile IO platform with a module width of 11.5mm. Wiring plugs directly into the front so it can cascade down the front of the module to wire duct. If you need to add IO for future projects you can slide new IO right onto the end of the other IO or slide space in the middle.  One bus coupler can accommodate 64 IO modules.

3. Flexibility

If you are an OEM your customer often dictates the brand of PLC you must ship. With Weidmuller U-Remote you can give the customer the PLC of their choice and use the IO of your choice. With bus couplers for Ethernet IP (Allen Bradley), Profibus and Profinet (Siemens and many others), Modbus TCP (big list), and other protocols you can interface with any widely used PLC. For that matter, you could have multiple PLCs talk to one IO rack.   If your favorite protocol was not listed then just hang on, more are on the way including CAN Open.

There is also a great deal of flexibility in the IO modules. There are dozens of different module types and many are very flexible. Just one example of flexibility is Analog Input modules with settings for Current or Voltage per channel.

20 µSec updates for 256 DI/DO is also exceptionally fast for remote IO.

4. Inventory management

Stock one manufacturer’s IO for all your PLC IO needs. There is no need to stock Seimens IO modules, AB IO modules, PLC Direct IO modules, etc if your plant has these PLCs.  Just stock U-Remote and the Bus couplers for each PLC and the IO is universal.

5. Do you really need a processor?

In many applications there is no need to have local control logic. You may be simply acquiring data. Don’t complicate things with a processor you do not need.  U-Remote is also the perfect compliment to PC based control.  I’m not advocating PC based control but it does have its benefits.

6. Startup and CommissioningCommisioning

Forcing IO is a snap through the U-Remote web interface. You can force discrete outputs and set AO values in no time. If something doesn’t happen as it should, take a look at the individual LED per DO to verify the wiring. Most other manufactures have a bank of lights and you have to count the wire locations to find the wire for the correct light.

Error state7. Immediately Identify errors

If an I/O point shorts or has some other error the LED for that IO point will go red to show alarm and the IO card itself will also show a red alarm state. Fear not, however, because there is short circuit protection built in.  The IO input and output power supplies are isolated for added protection.


8. Improved system availabilityHot Swap

The aforementioned isolation of input and output power supplies is a real boost to system uptime. Don’t take down your entire IO system because of one sensor problem. If you do let the smoke out of a module then just replace it on the fly because they are hot swappable in the most simpliest definition of the term.  There is some configuration data that resides in each module but a new module will automatically read that information from the bus coupler when it is swapped into an existing system.  No shut down or programming is required.

9. Integrated Safety Interlock modules

You may not need to program interlocks if you use these unique IO modules. Wire your E-Stops and other safety switches into the SIL module and position output modules to the right of the SIL module. If the safety circuit opens all power is removed from output modules to the right disabling your system.


 10. Purchase from Sterling-ES

Purchase U-Remote and other Weidmuller product from Sterling-ES and you get the finest quality of service in the Automation business. Don’t just take it from me, read our customer testimonials. We have inside and outside engineers, techs that are the smartest in the business and sales and customer service personnel who will bend over backwards to help.

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