Case Studies

Enabling Active Alarms in Sewage Lift Station Management Systems

Project Introduction

MoxaA growing population produces more wastewater that needs to be collected and processed by water treatment plants before being released back into the environment. In water treatment systems that need to accommodate changes in elevation, sewage lift stations are used to pump wastewater from low-lying areas to higher ground. In the past, lift stations often lacked monitoring and alarm systems, which made it difficult for administrators to respond in time to system failures. Due to the critical role these establishments play in the wastewater treatment process, many lift stations in Texas have adopted Moxa’s ioLogik E2210 series devices as their RTUs in setting up lift station alarm systems.

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Monitoring and Control System for Pumpwell Solutions

Sixnet Pumpwell Case Study

Project Scope

PumpWell Solutions utilizes patent-pending proprietary methods to find and implement superior well operating parameters. Requiring precisely accurate operation controSixnetl, PumpWell employs advanced AC motor speed technology coupled with powerful computer, communication and external sensor components to maximize oil production while minimizing energy consumption and equipment breakdown. The company required a monitoring and control solution to optimize equipment, increase production, improve security and reduce total cost of ownership.

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Optical Networking Communication Solution for Arther Business Products

Arther Business Products case study

Project Scope

With over 7,500 megawatts of renewable energy being generated from 9,000 wind turbines located Sixnetat 75 sites across North America, the Power Company needed a more optimal networking communication solution to improve wind farm operations and avoid costly downtime. Its current SCADA system was utilizing a serial multi-drop string network that not only had data limitations, but was also experiencing reliability issues during temperature fluctuations.

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Green Mountain Power Builds Smart Grid Network on VTEL’s LTE

CalAmp case study

The Challenge

Green MountainCal Amp Power (GMP) needed a reliable, secure backhaul network to communicate with Smart Grid resources, resulting in a natural partnership with local telco Vermont Telephone (VTel). Coincidentally, VTel also received an ARRA grant to develop an LTE network to provide broadband to underserved communities in Vermont, resulting in the perfect backhaul solution needed by GMP to complete their state-of-the-art Smart Grid project. The two entities have leveraged their resources to build out the statewide broadband and Smart Grid networks in a partnership that will benet Vermont residents. As a result, Vermont residents will gain access to LTE technologies even in remote, underserved areas via VTel and benet from the state-of-the-art Smart Grid to be implemented by GMP, the state’s largest power provider.

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