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December 17, 2013 – Tatsoft signs distributors in Mid-Atlantic and Australian markets

Optimate Pty Ltd is a leading provider of products, professional services and solutions specializing in process automation and operational intelligence to optimize production performance. Optimate has extensive expertise spanning Integrated Operations Systems, Process Automation, OSIsoft PI & Data Integration and OPC & Communications. With offices located in Australia (Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne) and Houston – Texas, Optimate provides professional services and solutions into the Power, Oil & Gas, Water, Mining, Food & Beverage and Manufacturing industries.

According to Richard Muniz, Sales and Marketing Manager at Optimate: “We chose FactoryStudio because we see this as a technology that will provide a significant, technological step change in the industry.“

US Mid-Atlantic Coast
Sterling-ES is an established automation distributor covering the Mid-Atlantic region of the US out of VA and NC. They put their 17 years of hands-on, engineering solution experience, factory training and good common sense to work for clients with real, human-to-human conversations and custom-tailored solutions.  They focus on connectivity from plant-floor measurement, to network systems to PLCs and HMI/SCADA.

According to Reid Garst, President of Sterling-ES: ”For many years we have sold SCADA software with code based in the 1980s or 1990s.  While evaluating options we kept seeing software based on legacy technologies at the core.  You can only patch and revise old code so many times before you fall into diminishing returns and product quality.  We were looking for a new HMI/SCADA product to sell when Tatsoft approached us.  FactoryStudio from Tatsoft is unique in its foundation in Microsoft .NET and forward vision.  In the past our customers have been trapped with upgrades because of ever changing operating systems and this will not be a problem with Tatsoft which is compatible with Windows XP through Windows 8 and beyond.”

About Tatsoft, LLC:
Tatsoft core development group has 20+ years of experience in developing industrial software.  Its previous generations of products were sold and brand-labeled to hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide. Tatsoft llc was created in Houston, 2009, backed-up by Senior Market executives and years of pure Research and Development, with the mission to bring the next generation automation platform to the market.