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18 Years with Toshiba

I have worked with Toshiba since 1987. Yes, I am showing my age.  I was a Toshiba controls customer from 1987-1991.  After that I worked for Martin Control programming the Toshiba PCS-6000 for what is now a Dominion Power wood fueled power plant.  In 1996, I started Sterling-ES and began as a distributor for Toshiba’s magnetic flowmeters and density meters.   Sometimes, we get calls out of the blue and requests from our customers asking for Toshiba variable speed drives.  We always had to say “we’re sorry” because that was not in our contract…… until now!

Sterling-ES is now an Authorized Toshiba Variable Frequency Drive and Motor Distributor

This is really great news for us.  You know how much I love Toshiba industrial products. I have written about their Magnetic Flowmeters and their Distributed Control Systems on this site before.  They are great products and we are proud to add Toshiba’s ASD’s and Motors.   We will be selling Toshiba in the industrial markets but not in the HVAC market.  We count on VACON to serve HVAC and they do it very well.

So if you are in the market for variable speed drives or industrial motors please give us a call.  We can help you with Vacon, Fuji, Hitachi and now Toshiba!  Here is a link to their web site.



Reid Garst