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Information is Valuable

This is a no-brainer and a central theme for the products and solutions we offer at Sterling-ES.  We help people get the most out of data in the most cost effective ways possible.  Many times the problem is getting the data from point A to point B and often the most cost effective way to do this is through industrial wireless controls.  We have been engineering and selling wireless systems for 15 years. Most people think of Wifi on their computers, tablets and phones as wireless and it is but there is much more in the wonderful world of wireless.  For example, there is Bluetooth for connectivity in phones, cars and computer devices as well as cellular for our phones.  There are boatloads of other examples but notice the two specific examples range from a few feet in distance with Bluetooth to miles for cellular. In the wide area utility world of water/waste water, electric transmission and distribution, and oil and gas, the distance the wireless travels is a couple to dozens of miles.  We have a lot of customers in these markets and they know to come to us for wireless solutions but sometimes people forget wireless is valuable for industrial use as well for shorter distance applications.

Don’t forget the simple needs for informationBanner WIreless

Industrial plant information requirements are often as simple as the status of a push button or light.  Sometimes we can simply relay the event of a button push to a customer via wireless.   In the example shown to the right an operator pushes a button and a light is seen lit on a forklift.  Simple with the right tools.  In this case we would recommend Banner Engineering Illuminated Touch Buttons, Signal Tower Lights and PM8 Radios. Sterling-ES has engineered other simple plant applications for wireless such as Tank Farm Monitoring, Flow Meter Data Collection, Security Gate Status, and Gate Crossing Arm operation. Sure, we’ve done the hard stuff like video links over a couple of miles and a hundred miles of power transmission line communication but don’t think we aren’t up for an easy challenge as well.  If you need to communicate anything in a plant from point A to point B then contact us and we will come up with a solution for you.