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This new blog is our latest effort to bring you even more information about the products we offer, applications we’ve worked on or solutions we’ve engineered. We also want to provide you with a forum for asking questions or commenting on something that’s worked for you. We hope you will read and participate in the discussion. We also welcome suggestions on topics you’d like covered.

One of Sterling’s specialities is M2M communication. We been selling industrial wireless and industrial Ethernet since it first came out. We don’t care what PLC you use, we can help you communicate with it better. One of our niche specialties within the communications field is remote communications.

This first blog is about eWon, a new line for us that blows away anything I have ever seen before for remote PLC maintenance communications. It is so different from the typical routers that we have always used that I know it will be adopted by every OEM or Systems Integrator who takes the time to look at it. Here are some of my favorite features:

1) You don’t have to know squat about VPN’s to have a secure connection.

2) You don’t have to program any of the remote equipment for use with a router. Normally you have to program a gateway address into any IP device using a router. Not so with eWon.

3) Refer to feature 2. Since you don’t have to program field equipment to talk on the router, this is an ideal solution for retrofitting older sites. You don’t have to send personnel to the field to install and program this!

4) You don’t need any firewall assistance from your customer’s IT people. eWon works with Ethernet ports commonly used for web interface, not the PLC protocol ports you normally use. So whether you use Modbus devices, Allen Bradley, Siemens or whoever, your customer does not need to know what ports those protocols communicate on. They need only give you an IP address on the network.

5) In your office you treat the remote PLC just like you are connected to it sitting on your desk. You don’t have to remember remote router WAN addresses. Through simple and free software you get a tabular listing of all your field locations. You click on the router in the panel you want to talk to and away you go. Your computer is now on the same subnet as your remote PLC equipment. No need to tell your PLC software to talk to a WAN IP address.

eWon can also communicate directly with your PLC’s. Their devices can poll data, log the data and send emails or text messages with alarms. This is gravy for most folks but it is tasty gravy.

All of this costs less than most industrial routers that require many more layers of complexity. Give us a call to learn more at 888-554-2021.