888-554-2021 | Sterling-ES is now a part of the BRAAS Company.

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Exciting News ! Sterling-ES is now BRAAS

BRAAS is a good fit for our customers, our manufacturers and our employees. BRAAS has a 50-year record of success in the industrial distribution market across the United States. They are based in Eden Prairie, MN and have a regional office in Salisbury, NC that we...

CalAmp Integra-TR End of Life Options

END OF LIFE NOTICE - CalAmp Integra-TR The last time order date for these products will be February 23th, 2018 Sterling-ES is providing notice that the CalAmp Integra-TR is being discontinued by the manufacturer. We will work with you to transition to new products...

Generate Power from Running Water in a Pipe

Yes, it is that simple. Why harvest just a small amount of energy in a pipe to enable measurement and reporting. It is a brilliant idea.  It all starts with an NSF-61 approved turbine generator making it rated for drinking water. There are two styles, one is a...

Tosibox offers new options for Remote Access and SCADA

It has been over a year since we first wrote about Tosibox remote access products. The year has been filled with excellent success stories from a variety of industries and applications. This is a very unique product in its ability to make potentially complex...

Join Our Free Webinar on Remote Monitoring Systems

5 Design Tips for Remote Monitoring Systems Wednesday, November 8, 2017 2:00am - 3:00pm (EST) If you design or run equipment at remote sites, you can take some simple steps to enable monitoring of those assets.  In this webinar, we will go over proven tips and...

Overachieving Kobold Flow Meter/Indicator

Overachiever Our customers purchase a lot of magnetic flowmeters, vortex shedding flowmeters and clamp on style ultrasonic flowmeters.  All of these have exotic measurement principles based on concepts like Faraday's Law and are really very sexy.  I love a good...

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