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Tonight I’m sitting in front of the tube watching Myth Busters sipping on Rye Whiskey. (Try it Bourbon lovers.)  As I watch a clip of a rocket propelled car blowing up I have to think, “Man these guys could use a Moxa camera.  Theirs just got toasted.”

We have been Moxa partners for about three years now. In that time, Moxa’s video offering has frustrated us quite a bit. They were doing the hokey pokey with a camera line; here now, gone next year and back the next. Our first reaction when Moxa came back with a camera last year was “Are these guys really serious about video.”  Oh, yeah, they are are serious.  Bill Belichick serious.
The first camera they came out with is now Class I, Div 2 rated, POE ready and -40C-75C rated with no fans and no blowers.  Moxa hates fans.  All of their products, from rack mounted core Ethernet Switches, to Industrial Computers to these new Cameras run without the dreaded fan. That $5 component that is the only moving part in the system is obviously going to be the first part of the system to fail.  For that reason, Moxa forgoes the cheap moving parts and backs their design with a 5 year warranty.

The hardware alone is Myth Busters worthy but they also have some awesome software to mate with it. DynaStreamTM  software automatically changes video frame rate to help control bandwidth.  CBR ProTM prevents those mosaic moments on the monitor when a network is overwhelmed with data by buffering the data. In addition to these performance
features these cameras also offer automatic transfer of images via email or FTP. For you SCADA heads, Moxa also supports MODBUS TCP and OPC in their video line.

In addition to the cameras, Moxa also has industry leading rugged Video servers to bring your existing analog cameras into the digital world. They also offer NVR Software and rugged mobile surveillance NVRs. Yes, Jamie and Adam could get in-vehicle video storage.

At Sterling, we love Moxa because they do things right. They would not stand for a “me too” video product lineup so they designed the best in the industry. And they hired the best in the industry to develop, promote and support the line.  You will never forget a presentation by Joe Cook.

Well done Moxa. We forgive you for the hokey pokey. Go Moxa. Go Hokies.  (I had to slip that in with the Hokey Pokey reference.)