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The eWON Cosy is dead!  Long live the Cosy!

Well not really.  Remember the Monty Python skit; “I’m not dead yet”.  Bonk!   It’s pretty close to dead.  The reason is the new Cosy 131 which has recently been released.  This is a new version of the very popular product which will likely lead to obsolescence of the original unit.  And here are the reasons:



  1.  Price.  That’s all OEM’s ever talk about.  The 131 is less expensive than the 141.  Call us for a quote.
  2. Comms Options.  This lower cost unit now comes with cellular or WiFi communications in addition to an RJ45 WAN port.  There is no need for more expensive models if cellular or WiFi is your only need for upgrade.
  3. Mounting Options.  DIN rail is still available but surface mounting is now possible with the 131.
  4. Longer Warranty.  The 131 carries a 24 month warranty versus the 18 month warranty for the 141.
  5. Wider Temperature.  The unit is rated for 25 C to 70 C.  That is a wide range for a low priced router.
  6. USB Port- OK, this is a bit of a teaser.  It is for future use only at this time but it will be used for serial connectivity.  We don’t see much call for that in new systems but it is nice for legacy upgrades.
  7. SD Card Reader- Another teaser.  Soon, grasshopper, soon.
  8. Price.  I know I mentioned it in #1 but we know what OEMs care about.


Please call us for a quotation or to schedule a visit from one of our field sales reps.  1-540-375-0923

For more information and comparisons to the COSY 141 please see below:

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