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Check Out Our Widely Used High Powered Magnetic Flowmeter MAG888






SpireMag Series MAG888 high-performance magnetic flowmeter accurately measures the flow volume of any conductive liquids, such as water, salt water, sewage, pulps, slurry, acid, alkali, or, any mixtures of liquids and solids which have a specific minimum of electric conductivity. SpireMag Series MAG888 has been widely used in municipal, wastewater treatment, irrigation,chemicals, as well as industrial liquid processes.

  • No moving parts to wear and tear
  • Short straight-pipe run required, thus, suitable for any desired installation location
  • Plug and play. All parameters are pre-configured in factory
  • Large turndown ratio, 1200:1
  • No pressure loss
  • Optional HART communication interface
  • Self-diagnosing capability to minimize operational downtime