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Yes, it is that simple. Why harvest just a small amount of energy in a pipe to enable measurement and reporting. It is a brilliant idea.  It all starts with an NSF-61 approved turbine generator making it rated for drinking water. There are two styles, one is a standard flanged mount unit and the other is wafer style. No straight run is required for installation since this is not a measurement device. You can put it right on an elbow if needed. The design minimizes head loss and optimizes energy harvesting at low flow rates. The generators come in 10 Watts and 20 Watts for either wafer or flange.
 The next component, just like solar, is a battery charger and battery pack. The power system is in a water resistant IP-68 package and can store up to 5300 mAh. The battery has a 5 year life time. One great thing about the generator is that it is intelligent enough to log internal parameters such as Electrical Current, RPM and Voltage. This data is available via Modbus so you can monitor the status of your power generator as you monitor your process.

Trend of Generator and Load Performance










With 20 Watt maximum power one can power a flowmeter, pressure or temperature sensor and an RTU or PLC for communication through a Cellular Router or Private Network Radio. You may even use the power to operate a valve.  Learn more at H-Spin.com or contact us directly. 



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