888-554-2021 | Sterling-ES is now a part of the BRAAS Company.

BRAAS is a good fit for our customers, our manufacturers and our employees. BRAAS has a 50-year record of success in the industrial distribution market across the United States. They are based in Eden Prairie, MN and have a regional office in Salisbury, NC that we will work closely with. You can find our more at Braasco.com.

Why is this good news for our customers?

1. You can keep buying the same products you’ve been buying from Sterling-ES but with access to more lines. BRAAS is very strong in motion control, robotics and pneumatics. Our Virginia and Carolina customers can find the Braas North Carolina line card by following this link.

2. The same people are in place in the Sterling-ES office to help you. You’ll still have the same sales rep and inside support with the same phone numbers.

3. The transition will be slow and intentional. We will make sure your purchasing department has all of the information they need to get your orders processed without a hassle.

4. Sterling-ES customers will seamlessly become BRAAS customers. No credit check. No change in terms.

We appreciate your support as a customer whether you just began purchasing from us or have been with us since our beginning in 1996. We want to personally thank you for your business relationships and continued support under the new ownership. The entire Sterling-ES team is excited about the change. If we weren’t confident our customers would continue to be a priority, we’d never have made this change. We know that once you see the added product lines and additional support personnel, you’ll know we made the right decision.

Again, our utmost thanks for all of your support in the past and going forward.

PS – The dogs are also excited about this news and love their new BRAAS friends.