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Electrical Power Not Accessible? Try Spire’s Solar Powered Ultrasonic Flow Meters EF12




For flow measurement applications in rural area where electrical power is not accessible, the Enduro Series EF12 solar-powered ultrasonic flow meter provides an ideal solution. It has a solar panel, a rechargeable battery and a low-power consumption high-performance ultrasonic flowmeter. All the components, except transducers, are housed in a weather-proof robust enclosure.

The EF12 solar powered flowmeter has a flash memory which can save the last 512 daily net flow values and the last 128 monthly net flow values. With an optional data logger, it can save large amount of flow data. For remote area where cellular wireless service is available, a GSM/GPRS modem can be added to the device so that the flow and alarm information can be transmitted to a center office automatically on a preset schedule. Please look at the Spire Metering’s uGalaxy wireless telemetry system for more details.


  • Solar powered. No other power supply is needed. Solar panel rated at 20 Watts
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (17AH) and charging circuit able to maintain 7 days of operation without sunshine
  • Robust, NEMA/UL-50 Type 4X weather-proof enclosure
  • Optional low-power consumption GSM/GPRS modem
  • High accuracy. Normally ±1%. Could be 0.5% when in-situ calibration is available
  • No moving parts to worn out, thus, long life-span.
  • Maintenance-free, thus, low operation cost
  • No pressure drop, no flow disturbance. Big savings on high pressure pipes
  • Excellent long-term stability. System accuracy does not degrade over time
  • Bi-directional