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Install your flowmeter without straight run and you have wasted your money.

Most meters require 5, 10 or 20 diameters of straight run upstream of the meter and several diameters downstream to get a “unified flow profile”.  That means that all the flow is not mashed onto one side of the pipe or randomly swirling around in the pipe.  Do any of these meters have 5 diameters of straight run boys and girls?  NO!

This type of meter is an insertion style meter that measures velocity at a small point in the pipe. You then have to multiply that velocity by the cross sectional area of the pipe to come up with a flow. If the flow at that small point is not representative of an average of the flow in the pipe then your data is useless. You have wasted time and money.



The user wasted their money.  They needed to install a metering run with lots of straight run or install a Toshiba Mount Anywhere flow meter where straight run 20140519_113127is not required.

Don’t waste money!  Call Sterling-ES for application support for a meter that will work.

For more details on a flowmeter that will work in these applications take a look at the following link:

Toshiba Mount Anywhere Flowmeter