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Our Partner, Spire Metering, will be exhibiting at the AHR Expo Tradeshow January 21-23 2014 in NYC. The AHR Expo show is currently the world’s largest HVAC show.

We will be showcasing many new products including:

– World’s Most Compact Ultrasonic BTU Meter

– Non-intrusive Clamp-on Thermal Energy Meter

– Advanced Digital Water Meter

– High Accuracy Magnetic BTU Meter


Come by and visit them at booth #7291 to win the latest IPAD Mini.


Drop by with a business card and talk to our engineers about your needs. The drawing will be pulled on the last day of the show.


Our Featured Product Will Be:

The Must-Have Ultrasonic BTU Meter with Better Technology and the World’s Most Compact Design on the Market!


Come to booth #7291 to find out more about the RH40 Handheld Ultrasonic BTU Meter that Delivers Accuracy, Ease-of-Use and Ultra-Portability at a Great Price.





Spire Metering, a leader in flow and energy management solutions, announces the release of its next-generation technology, the Regal Series RH40 Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter / BTU Meter. This meter is engineered to deliver fast, portable non-intrusive flow and energy measurement across a broad array of pipe sizes and applications for water, wastewater, heating, cooling and other liquid flow applications.


▪   Conduct accurate BTU measurement

▪   Completely non-intrusive. Quick and easy installation

▪   Ultra compact,  just about 1 lb

▪   Cover an extensive pipe range

▪   No dependency on fluid conductivity and pressure
▪   Intuitive user interface

▪   Large data logger storage

▪   Bluetooth connectivity

The latest  technology the RH40 is completely portable and relies on clamp-on sensors to effectively perform non-intrusive measurements on flow, temperature and heat-energy (BTU) consumption on pipes ranging from 0.5-120 inches in diameter. The RH40 handheld unit weighs in at only 1 pound, but provides large data logging storage, rich input /  output options and comprehensive onsite diagnostic features. Its Bluetooth interface, together with companion software, provides seamless connectivity to a smart phone or PC for fast data downloading, detailed data visualization and analysis. All products are backed by a comprehensive 100% satisfaction, two-year quality guarantee.


Click here for more product information RH40 Portable Flow Meter.Contact them at 978-263-7100 or sales@SpireMT.com for more product specifics.