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Getting wireless help when it need it matters.  
That’s why so many companies choose Sterling-ES.

Sterling-ES has more than 15 years experience selling critical connectivity, automation and industrial networking.   We do our own site surveys and path analysis studies so we understand your project completely.  Many distributors sell wireless products but lack the real-world experience we have. With hundreds of radios over hundreds of miles,  Sterling-ES has the hands-on knowledge to make your Banner Wireless project work.

  • Technical inside staff including technicians and engineers
  • Based in the Salem/Roanoke area for local support
  • Inventory in stock and personalized service

Call 1-888-554-2021 or email our Banner Engineering Sales Representative Matt MacBrien.


Banner Wireless Reliable CommunicationFactory floor communications

SureCross Radios from Banner Engineering helped one manufacturer with a big challenge. A producer of stainless steel and special alloys was struggling because during production articulating robots were being used with communication cables.  But there was a big and expensive problem – environmental conditions and the motion of the robot compromised the integrity of the cables. Breaks were quite frequent and production had to be halted for repair and replacement, pushing up costs and driving down productivity.

The manufacturer installed the SureCross DX80 wireless network and eliminated the need for long cable runs between the proximity switches and the control panel. Decreased downtime and repair and replacement expenses combined with increased productivity allowed the company to save over $100,000 each month.

Give Sterling-ES a call if you have an application you’d like for us to take a look at.  We will put our expertise to work for you.  Call 1-888-554-2021 or email our Banner Engineering Sales Representative Matt MacBrien.