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BACnet is a Popular Building Automation Protocol.  Sterling-ES can help you implement it.

What is a Protocol

A protocol is like a language that machines speak over a network.   It is dependent on the media,  transport system or network.  For example, there are serial networks, parallel networks and Ethernet networks.  The protocol must match the network and BACnet has a standard (language or protocol) for serial and Ethernet.  So this means you can run a version of BACnet over your existing Ethernet network.    Learn more from the official site:


Why BACnet?

BACnet is an open protocol that came into use in the mid-1990’s in the building automation industry.  The open protocol addressed the problem of vendors using their proprietary protocols and locking themselves into future business.  If a customer demands that vendors use an open protocol like BACnet then they have far greater negotiating power in future projects.   BACnet is by far the most popular building automation protocol although there are others.

OK, How can Sterling-ES help?

We can help in two ways.  First,  we provide instrumentation built with BACnet protocol.  Spire Metering Technologies manufactures ultrasonic water flowmeters with BACnet MSTP.  These meters are great for chilled water and domestic water.  They can measure flow and energy transfer from chillers or water heating systems. Vortek Instruments manufactures steam, water and gas flow meters with BACnet MSTP.  Vortek also has energy metering options that great for building automation.

Also, through the use of Red Lion Data Stations we can interface existing meters or even PLCs to BACnet systems.  The Data Station has protocols to talk to almost every PLC or networked device on the market.  This is a pretty easy device to set up with a little training.  Let us help.

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