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Our customers purchase a lot of magnetic flowmeters, vortex shedding flowmeters and clamp on style ultrasonic flowmeters.  All of these have exotic measurement principles based on Mabry Millconcepts like Faraday’s Law and are really very sexy.  I love a good flowmeter. But the number one selling flowmeter by volume for Sterling-ES is an overachieving rotating paddlewheel.   Think water wheel for grinding like at Mabry Mill near us on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

But what makes this simple meter an overachiever?   Starting at $600 or so it can provide a fairly accurate flow metering signal and double as a flow indicator in pressures up to 230 PSIG.  It can provide an output alone with no visual for pressures up to 1450 PSIG for line sizes up to 1 1/2″.  The meter can also come with electronics to be a self contained totalizer or even batch controller. These features have not only made it a favorite for our customers, it is consistently a top 10 seller by sales volume by Kobold in the US.   This meter is also an overachiever because it can be mounted vertically or horizontally with no straight run requirements.  See the following post to learn more about straight run requirements.

Flow Indicator and Meter


The indication capabilities of the meter cannot be overlooked.  Operators love to look at the rotating vane to get a warm fuzzy that, yes, there is flow through this pipe.  They probably don’t have access to a read out so that confirmation is reassuring.   There are variations of this meter that are very popular without even having an output.  If you want local indication that actually gives you an output then we recommend a variable area meter, often called a rotameter. (Saying rotameter for a variable area meter is like saying Xerox for a copy, if you are that old, or Kleenex for a tissue.)   Here is a link to a dozen variable area meters offered by Kobold.


Output Options

In addition to the indication, we can offer a number of outputs.  Our most popular is a simple pulse output.  The pulse is great for batching applications.  It comes calibrated with a K-factor which will tell you how many pulses equal one gallon of water.  If you have some other fluid then you can test for your own K-factor as our top customer does for the DF.   This meter can also have 4-20mA outputs and voltage outputs.  It can also come with a SPDT relay output to act as a low flow or high flow switch.  Very versatile.

Made in the USA

Made-in-the-USAOne of our favorite things about this meter is that it is made in the USA.  The factory is in Pittsburgh and they typically turn these meters out in a week.  The people there are great.  They will gladly design a custom meter to meet your exact specifications.  I bet they will even help you score tickets to a Steelers, Pirates or Penguins game.

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