888-554-2021 | Sterling-ES is now a part of the BRAAS Company.
About Sterling ES - process and manufacturing measurement in Salem, VA

BRAAS (Formerly Sterling-ES)

Sterling-ES is now a part of BRAAS. The same people are in place to provide you the answers and support you need. BRAAS is a good fit for our customers, our manufacturers and our employees. BRAAS has a 50-year record of success in the industrial distribution market across the United States. Now you get Sterling’s knowledge of automation, controls and connectivity combined with BRAAS who is very strong in motion control, robotics and pneumatics.

Where we excel:

  • Building Automation
  • Critical Systems, Municipalities and Utilities
  • Intelligent Transportation Solutions for Traffic and Rail
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Automation
  • OEM and Systems Integrators

Areas of Focus:

  • Connectivity – Wireless Radios and Networking
  • Automation – Plant Floor Automation
  • Metering and Monitoring
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Transmitters and Sensors


  • AHTD – Association for High Technology Distribution
  • MCAA – Measurement, Control and Automations Association
  • ITSVA – Intelligent Transportation Society of Virginia
  • ITSNC – Intelligent Transportation Society of North Carolina

VASCUPP contract numbers: 
University of Virginia:  UVA1836733
Virginia Tech:  TS-002-14

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