We are proud that our focus on connectivity has been recognized by CalAmp, a leader in SCADA and Telemetry radio products. We will put our knowledge to work for our newly referred customers to make your experience seamless and easy. We look forward to working with you.

Work with our Engineers for Accuracy

If you’re measuring steam, liquid or gas flow rates or electric power, our engineers will work with you to understand the dynamics of your application.

Connecting the Industrial Internet of Things

We provide wireless, serial or Ethernet connectivity for Machine to Machine communication, across the factory or across the planet.

The Backbone of our Business

Sterling-ES knows process and manufacturing measurement like no one else. For more than 20 years we have supplied PLCs, HMIs, VFDs and Industrial Networks to provide complete control solutions.

About Sterling-ES

Sterling-ES is a manufacturer representative and distributor in Salem, Va. We put our 17 years of hands-on, engineering solution experience, factory training and good common sense to work for you with real, human-to-human conversations and custom-tailored solutions. Just because we’re product experts and sell the newest, most advanced and rugged industrial automation and networking equipment, we don’t believe in automated answering services. Give us a call today to speak directly with real solution experts.


“Sterling-ES offers a wide range of products and services to fill my automation needs. They have
been terrific to work with and I plan to use them for future projects.”

Gary Shelton